Get to Know the Echem Family


Seaside Camp


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Ministry Description

We have been missionaries with Word of Life Philippines since 1991 serving in various capacities but always coming back to maintenance.  Joyce was instrumental in the start up of the camp in 1969.

Ministry Impact

As we celebrated 50 years of camping at Seaside Bible Camp in 2019, we were thrilled to engage in conversation with campers from the past who are now pastors, Christian workers, teachers, and missionaries in other countries.  It was a joy to see how God takes a young person in a camping situation, changes their lives, and moves them out to serve Him.


I, Melo, was saved at Seaside Bible Camp as a young teenager.  I saw the importance of the camping ministry. After my wife and I were married, we were called to serve together at the camp and become part of Word of Life Philippines when Seaside merged with Word of Life in 1991.  I have not regretted serving the Lord through maintenance if it means that young people can hear the Gospel.

Spouse Profile

The Lord got a hold of me as a teenager and called me into missions.  I grew up in the Philippines and returned to serve along side my parents who were church planters.  Having a burden for the young people, we started Seaside Bible Camp in 1969.  As the camping ministry grew we sought out Word of Life Philippines to help us.  It has been a wonderful union of winning young people to the Lord.