Get to Know Charito Corporal

Area Missionary - Mindanao

Local Church Ministries


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Ministry Description

I help churches in developing and improving their youth ministry through providing training, seminars and different youth ministry materials that are geared to guide teens and youth leaders to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Ministry Impact

We had an online training called The Youth Ministry Lab with three churches in Boho. The goal of this training is to help churches start or improve their youth ministry. Mai Caybot, one of their core leaders testified saying, “I praise God for the training because it gives us a new perspective. It gives us new ideas in handling the youth. And, because of this training, our youth leaders are now more intentional in reaching out the other youth. And our youth group has now a structure. Glory to God!” Through this training they were encouraged, directed and strengthened to pursue their calling of reaching their own teens with the gospel of Christ.


I got saved through the ministry of our church called Bible Clubs.There, I heard the gospel message of Christ and how He alone can save and change a person’s life. After I got saved, God planted a desire in my heart to reach my people in Mindanao. Because of that, I went to Word of Life Bible Institute to be more equipped in His Word and to learn more about youth ministry. I spend my internship in Local Church Ministries and eventually, I became a missionary of LCM to the island of Mindanao.