Get to Know the Buco Family


Campus Ministry


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Ministry Description

I am a missionary serving in Campus Ministry and we are reaching the students of University of the Philippines Los Baños in Laguna. Our desire is to share Christ with the students, help them grow in their spiritual life and disciple them so they can reach their fellow students. We do this by building good relationship with the students and creating opportunities for them to hear the gospel.

Ministry Impact

I came to know Jesus when I attended a camp at Word of Life and since then, I believe in the impact that this ministry can make in the lives of young people. I have seen young people decide to trust Jesus as their Savior and young people who have committed their lives to God through this ministry. One of them is Pauline, a college student at a local university. She was discipled by one of our missionaries and now she is a fellow campus ministry missionary reaching students for Christ.


I am Michael Buco, a missionary of Word of Life Philippines under Campus Ministry. I got saved at a Word of Life camp when I was 18. Through my camping experience, God put in my heart hunger and thirst for the Word of God and so I became actively involved in a local church being discipled by the leaders. In 2010, I attended another youth camp at Word of Life and I dedicated my life to the Lord. My camping experience did not just cause enthusiasm in my spiritual life, but it also left a question, “What am I going to do with my life?” I saw young people decide to trust Jesus as their Savior. I saw young people including myself, dedicate their lives to God. My passion is to introduce Christ to other people and I saw that that is the passion of Word of Life ministry.

Spouse Profile

I am Jocelyn Buco. I grew up as a staff kid here at Word of Life.  My father was one of the maintenance staff of Word of Life Camp. It is really a blessing for me to be raised in a community surrounded by people who love and serve God. The passion and love for God of Word of Life family made a big influence on my life. It impacted me to the point of seeing the urgent need to share Christ with the lost and our calling to live a life that is pleasing to God.