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BFD (Blueprint for Discipleship) is a strategy to help young believers growing in the Lord and make more disciples.

The Word of Life Bible Club curriculum provides student ministries with engaging lessons so that students are equipped to obey the truth of God’s Word out of love for Christ. In each lesson, students are brought to a point of decision and challenged to connect the truth of God’s Word to their life through action.

Six approaches are used in the study:

* THEOLOGY: Major doctrines of the Christian faith to give students a solid biblical foundation.
* BIBLE BOOK STUDIES: One Old Testament and one New Testament book each year.
* APOLOGETICS: Lessons that present a rational basis for the Christian faith.
* TOPICAL: Current and culturally relevant topics that students are facing.
* CHRISTIAN BASICS: Biblical disciplines that lead to spiritual growth.
* VIDEO SERIES: A series of live-recorded messages designed to help students in their personal walk with Christ.

Intense Discipleship is for me is a fast track leadership training for youth ministry.

To build a strong relationship takes one basic component; communication. A back and forth of speaking and being heard is the foundation for every healthy relationship. The same is true with our relationship with God. The Word of Life Quiet Time contains these two components of communication. We listen to God through daily Bible reading. Each day taking time to hear from God and His Word. We talk to God through prayer expressing to our heavenly Father the struggles, blessings and temptations of our lives. The Word of Life Quiet Time helps Christians build these two important habits into their lives every day. It’s a tool that helps Christians read through the Bible and pray each day.

Sending Teens Out to Reach the Masses is evangelistic training where adults and teens learning to engage the gospel in your own community.

Urbangelize is teaching teens (adults) to reach teens (adults) in your community. This new training helps local churches learn the effective ways introducing Christ with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.