Our program builds a solid foundation for the biblical principles of growth.


We provide training, tools and opportunities for evangelism for students.

Leadership Development

We equip youth leaders for personal ministry and student ministry effectiveness.


Learn to have a consistent daily time in God’s Word on a six-year rotation that touches every book in the Bible.

Study key doctrines of scripture as well as character studies, apologetics, bible book studies, and Christian basics.

Memorize 24 verses that come straight out of the Bible study so they can articulate their faith to others.

Minister and serve 18 times in the church and community.

Read through 3 or more Christian books building a biblical worldview and personalizing their faith.

Develop personal evangelism by learning how to share their faith and invite others to church activities or participating in evangelistic activities.


Daily Time in God’s Word

The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to change the man of God. Therefore it is vital that we get into God’s Word each day for study and application of biblical truth. The Word of Life Quiet Time is a discipleship training tool to help students and leaders get into God’s Word consistently. As a believer reads God’s Word and prays daily it builds a deep, intimate relationship with God that can last for a lifetime.The Quiet Time diary is a tool to facilitate the reading of God’s Word and prayer. It is a tool that systematically touches every book of the Bible in six years. The strategy behind this tool goes beyond just reading the Bible; it encourages students to apply what they are reading to their everyday lives.

We’ve developed a Quiet Time tool for Jr. Highers as well. It’s called Quiet Time interactive. It guides younger students through the process of reading God’s Word and studying it. Helping them understand what they are reading and asking pointed question to guide them through the process of applying that truth to their life.

We believe so strongly in the power of the Word of God to transform your life that we have a Quiet Time for every age. We don’t just want the students in your student ministry doing a Quiet Time. We want you and every leader in your group doing one as well. Every Quiet Time follows the same passages from day to day making it easy in Small Group or throughout the week to interact together with God’s Word with students.


The Food that Feeds the Soul

The Word of God teaches us about Jesus and draws us closer to God in relationship. Because the Bible is the food that feeds our growth it is essential that we are fed a balanced diet of truth. Many times lessons focus too much on topical issues facing teens today. Or go too deep into theology and Bible book study. With our Scope and Sequence we’ve sought to provide student ministries with a balanced diet of biblical truth.


40 Life-changing lessons designed to challenge students

Basic Theology

We dive deep into studies on the Church, Sin, and Man. Covering theology thoroughly with a foundation of application to the life of a student.

Bible Book Studies

Each year we have 2 modules (8 lessons) that cover a book of the Bible. Breaking it up into easy to teach study for your students.


Students need to have answers for why they believe what they believe. Our lessons on apologetics answer tough questions like, “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” and, “Is there evidence for the history of the Bible?”

Topical Studies

We spend 4 lessons each year teaching on topics that touch the life of a student right where they are at. Topics such as relationships, bitterness and how to face failure.

The Story of the Bible

This lesson series helps students take a step back from a specific passage and see the overall plan of God at work in the Bible as a whole.

Christian Basics

This series teaches students the basic principles of how to grow and change, the power of discipleship or biblical disciplines. It’s a great reminder for more advanced students and a great series for new believers.

Biblical Character Studies

Every year we spend a few lessons covering lesser known characters from God’s Word. We study their lives to see what we can learn from them.

Key Passage Studies

There are biblical passages that come up time and time again in the Christian walk. We want to cover these passages until students are familiar with them and understand them well.


Christian Literature

It’s important for believers to read solid Christian books that explain God’s Word and can cover important topics such as prayer or suffering in a deeper way.


The Power of Hiding God's Word in Your Heart

One of the key ways to articulate our faith and have God’s truth at our fingertips is to memorize portions of the Bible. Internalizing Scripture to connect it to our needs, problems and temptations is essential for a believer to grow. When Jesus was faced with the direct temptation of Satan he responded each time with, “The Scriptures says.” Christ didn’t carry around a scroll with him to pull out for his teaching or temptation. It was clear that Jesus memorized the scriptures. He had the truth in his mind all the time.

The 24 Verses in the Scripture Memory Pack are drawn from the Bible study curriculum each year. Each verse card has a question to show the connection between God’s Word and the need in our lives that it addresses. We provide verse memory packs in a variety of translations to help students get into a habit of memorizing and reviewing Scripture.

Students feel empowered when they can remember and quote Scripture in their everyday lives. It prepares them to face a world that is run by Satan and sin. It also gives them truth to present to a friend in times of trouble or help in gospel conversations.


Providing the Catalyst for True Growth

"as iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”Proverbs 27:17

Accountability is an essential part of growth as we let other believers into our lives to help us with sin and biblical disciplines. Small groups led by student leaders can provide accountability as students seek to grow. Leaders can customize a plan for students to integrate biblical principles in their lives daily. While our ministry programs provided huge amounts of biblical disciplines, we realize not every student in your ministry is ready for all of those. Small Group leaders become vital in helping set a pace that a student is ready for as they seek to grow in the areas of biblical disciplines such as daily time in God’s Word, Scripture Memory, and ministry in the local church.

We use our Creative Discipleship Reward Sheet to keep track of each student’s progress. One sheet is kept by the Small Group leader and one by the student so they can work together to reach the student’s goals for growth. Small Group leaders encourage students to connect to the Word of God in the their lives by using the Creative Discipleship program as a motivation for faithfulness.


Connecting Your Youth Ministry to the Body of Christ

We were made to serve, not be served. Our purpose is to direct and equip students in various ways of serving God in the local church and outside in their everyday lives. Each student is encouraged to participate in some kind of christian service or ministry. We provide 23 individual ideas and 29 different groups ideas to get students out serving.

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