School of Biblical Studies (SBS)

The one-year SBS program is designed to train men and women in the knowledge of God’s Word. Students are taught how to look at Scripture in context, to practically apply God’s truth to their lives, and to share His love with others. 

This program consists of a survey course covering every book of the Bible that is taught by the resident faculty and guest lecturers from the Philippines and the United States. Some selected Old and New Testament books are also expounded by some of the finest and topnotch teachers available. Systematic Theology is included in the program. Students are encouraged to examine and analyze the major Christian doctrines through the lens and complete guidance of Scripture.

KNOW (Academic)

GENESIS to REVELATION: A survey course covering every book of the Bible is taught by a resident faculty or guest lecturer.  This course gives the chronological overview, puts each book in perspective, teaches lessons for everyday living, and gives a solid foundation for future study.

THEOLOGY: Every major Christian doctrine is carefully and systematically analyzed supported from Scripture. Erroneous views are discussed with the Biblical reasons for their rejection.

BIBLE EXPOSITION: Selected Old Testament and most New Testament books are expounded by some of the finest international teachers and speakers available. The unique program exposes the student to an in-depth study of the Old and New Testament. These courses are normally taught in one or two week modules by adjunct faculty.

CHRISTIAN LIFE and MINISTRY: Courses are also offered in Bible related topics which serve to prepare the student more fully for future ministry opportunities.

GROW (Spiritual)

DORM DEVOTIONS / QUIET TIME: Personal and group devotions are key to growth and maturity in Christ. Dorm groups gather each evening for a time of sharing and prayer. Each morning a time is set aside for personal Quiet Time. This discipline of daily time with the Lord is often one of the most treasured and valuable things the student takes with him when he graduates from the Bible Institute. Each student is also discipled during the school year by a WOL staff member.

CHAPEL: Evening chapel services provide inspiration, challenges, and instruction. Series on Christian living, missionary challenges, and ministry opportunities are all available through the daily chapels.

SHOW (Outreach)

WEEKEND MINISTRY: Involvement in the local church is essential to the well-developed Christian. Students at the institute become involved in helping local churches on weekends throughout the year. Students are also taught how to minister through open-air evangelism, drama, puppets, sports and music teams.

WEEKEND RETREATS and SUMMER CAMP: The students gain counseling and camping experience at various weekend retreats during the year. The climax of the school year is Eternity Week. During this week (usually in February) the entire BI staff and student body travels to a selected area of the Philippines for an intense week of evangelism and discipleship. April and May are spent in on-the-job training and practical experience through counseling and supervising at Word of Life Camp. During the college, high school, sports, inner city, and open camps the BI students learn how to minister to needs, present the clear message of salvation, and experience the thrill of guiding new believers into a closer walk with the Lord.

School Year Overview

The BI school year normally starts on the last week of June. The academic year consists of three 11-week academic terms. These are followed by six weeks of Summer Camps in April and May. Graduation is usually at the middle of May.

Growth and Training

Each student is also involved in some specialized area of ministry such as: Open Air Evangelism; Camp Counseling; Puppet Ministry; Drama Ministry; Local Church and Sports Ministries.

Solid Biblical Instruction

In this unique one-year program, each student is thoroughly immersed in the Word of God. Classes include: Bible Survey from Genesis to Revelation; In-depth study of books of the Bible; Theology or Instruction in the Major Doctrines of the Bible.


A firm grounding in the Word of God; Direction for your next step in life; Strengthen your ministry in your local church; Become a more effective witness for Christ; Gets you ready for the option of entering SMS.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a high school graduate. College work or degree is advantageous.
  • Be in agreement with Word of Life Statement of Faith and signify willingness to abide by the Standard of Conduct.
  • Each applicant must give a testimony to being born again and indicate a sincere desire to study the Word of God.
  • Working knowledge of the English language.

School of Ministerial Studies (SMS)

The three-year SMS program is designed as a continuation of our SBS program. These additional years of study provide practical tools and training for men and women desiring to serve the Lord in full time ministry.

School Overview

The academic year begins on the last week of June. Students will enjoy three 11-week academic terms. This will be followed by five weeks of Summer Camp. The year culminates with graduation in the middle of May.

Solid Biblical Instruction

A Biblical approach to church organization; Scriptural principles relating to key doctrines; Scriptural guidelines dealing with present day trends; Biblical Language studies (Greek and Hebrew).

Growth and Training

Methods of Christian Leadership; Christian Counseling; Christian Education of children, youth and adults; Evangelism and Discipleship; Pastoral Ministries; Organizing Christian Seminars and many more.

Admission Requirements

  • Each applicant must be a graduate of WOLBI-SBS.
  • Each applicant must give a testimony of his/her call to the ministry.
  • Each applicant must be baptized member of a Bible believing local church.
  • Each applicant must be recommended by his/her Pastor and local church.
  • The potential student must satisfy all the requirements under the SBS program.


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Rev. Mike Foster

Rev. Mike VanProoyen

Dr. Gerry Tolentino
Executive Dean

Jesil Butihen
Dean of Students

Mr. John Mark Fodra
Dean of Men

Ms. Janice Torres
Dean of Women

Ms. Liezel Duremdes
Secretary & Bookeper

Ms. Liezel Castrence
Resident Lecturer

Ms. Faye Tolentino-Bernabe
Resident Lecturer

Ms. Morgan Bennett
Admissions Head

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